Coping with Climate Change: New Open-Source Tool Launched

CGIAR just launched a new tool that is aimed at helping farmers adapt to the challenges of climate change by providing predictions on the future stresses faced:  For the research paper “Finding Tomorrow’s Agriculture Today”, see here.

While I was struggling to run a model (it just was released today and the server might be overloaded) and the usability interface could be improved, their approach is very laudable, especially as extension officers can take advantages in for example African countries of this ‘climate analogues’ tool. Based on a prediction of agro-climatic changes for an area over multiple years, the basic idea is to offer similar sites across the globe to show how farmers have coped in that climate. Granted that there are limitations in transferring methods and technologies from divergent geographic regions, it nevertheless allows a powerful, open-source tool in the hands of both national policy makers and local extension officers. If applied properly, a true achievement.



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